"Top to Bottom, State of the Art Storm Protection"

Gulf Coast Storm Protection Inc. was founded in 2005 by a small group of businessmen with backgrounds in engineering disaster mitigation, restoration and construction with a very simple concept in mind; what if we could provide a means for people to prevent damage from ever occurring so repairs would not be necessary? With this concept in mind the founders of Gulf Coast Storm Protection Inc. set out to find and market those products in the storm protection business that represent the pinnacle of technology.

Our mission at Gulf Coast Storm Protection Inc. is to provide the best storm protection products available on the market today for the prevention of damage to your property.

Not only are products the best available but in all cases they are either competitive in price or less expensive to deploy than the conventional systems that are most commonly employed.

We have spent many hours researching our products and we continue to do so, searching for the best most cost effective and easiest to deploy products available and we will continue to add new product lines that meet our strict criteria.

We are extremely proud of the products that we have included thus far and we will continue to expand our product lines in the future, but only to products that can be called, without question "State of the Art". Currently our portfolio includes these three product lines.

Armor Screen is a densely woven polycarbonate fabric that exceeds all existing code requirements including the most stringent "Miami-Dade" code. It is lightweight, 1/10th the weight of aluminum and translucent allowing you to see out through it and allowing light to enter your home.

Armor Screen is designed and tested to withstand winds up to 276 mph well above the Category 5 storm classification. Armor Screen is also designed to prevent wind born water intrusion. While Armor Screen is 5% porous a blast from a 3000 psi pressure washer on the face of the screen produces no more than a fine mist on the back of the screen.

Not only does Armor Screen meet all code requirements but it by far, exceeds any wind protection device on the market. But don't take my word for it, see for yourself by searching by "Product Manufacturer" at this link to www.floridabuiding.org.

The Water-Gate flood barrier is a relatively light weight polyester reinforced PVC or single layer polypropylene, depending on the model or purpose of the barrier. It is available in retention levels from 6 inches to 18 feet. All Water-Gate barriers, regardless of retention level or model can be attached together easily for creating a barrier of infinite length.

Unlike any flood control product on the market today the Water-Gate Barrier requires no pre-deployment and can be deployed at the last minute when you decide that flooding is eminent or even after flood waters are present. There is no filling with water or sand such as in more conventional systems, the Water-Gate barrier fills itself with the flood water. The concept is simple, the weight of the water stops the water.

Models include the non-weighted WA, and the weighted WL models which are constructed to withstand rugged repeated use such as containing chemical spills, firefighting, or rescue operations. Currently the WA model is part of the training curriculum at the Texas A&M Fire fighting School (TEEX) and LSU as a part of their hazardous containment programs. View the video here.

As a measure to reduce consumer cost we also offer the non-weighted WP and the weighted WPL models which are designed specifically for use for the occasional flood event by homeowners and business owners that chose to be proactive in protecting their property .Nothing in the world exceeds the Water-Gate. There is nothing that is more cost effective at stopping huge volumes of water including sandbags. See it stop the San Jacinto river in less than 45 minutes here. In this demonstration the heavy weight WA model was used but the lighter weight less expensive WP and WPL are just as effective at containing water and are usually more appropriate for containment of chemical spills since they are resistant to a greater number of chemicals. For more information about this fine product we invite you to review our website and the Water-Gate website at www.megasecur.com.

Lets face it, the best insurance policy is one that you never have to use. We at Gulf Coast Storm Protection are confident that our product line is the best top to bottom protection for your investment that money can buy and in most cases less costly than conventional systems. We would like to share that confidence with you. Living in any region of the United States subjects one to many hazards from natural disasters such as flooding, hail, tornados, and last but certainly not least hurricanes. You really must ask yourself two very important questions.

"Are you ready for another storm?" "What kind of protection do you have?"

Best Regards,

Jim Warren
Vice-President and Co-Founder of Gulf Coast Storm Protection Inc.

The Founders

Michael Head; President and Co-founder of Gulf Coast Storm Protection Inc.
Michael, a Nuclear Construction Engineer, has spent many years as the owner and president of a well known disaster mitigation franchise and has a lengthy background in restoration and cleaning services.

Ronnie Cannon; Vice-President and Co-founder of Gulf Coast Storm Protection Inc.
Ronnie has an extensive background in all phases of residential and commercial construction as well disaster mitigation and restoration.

Jim Warren; Vice-President and Co-founder of Gulf Coast Storm Protection Inc.
Jim has a background in residential and commercial construction and disaster mitigation and restoration, as well as information technology.