Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get an estimate for my house or building?
Go to the Contact Page on this web site and fill it out. We will have a qualified Armor Screen professional contact you. Our goal is to talk with you as soon as possible to get a good idea of what your needs are. Due to heavy volume of requests it may take a few days for someone to get in touch. Go to top
How does Armor Screen compare in cost to other systems?
A basic Armor Screen system is priced competitively at the low to medium price range compared to other methods of hurricane protection. There are many factors that can influence the installed price of a system.

Armor Screen is a versatile product, often used to provide other benefits such as sun screening and daily wind reduction.  Consequently, site conditions vary immensely and may affect price.  Other factors such as color, geographic location, optional mounting accessories such as track and roll-ups affect the price.  Even the standard of protection requested can vary. 

We can give you pricing based on your site specific details. Go to the Contact Page on this web site and fill it out. We will have a qualified Armor Screen representative contact you. Go to top
Is Armor Screen available in stores?
Armor Screen is a custom product installed by skilled dealers. Go to top 
Can I install Armor Screen myself?
The mounting systems for Armor Screen are important to its strength and they must be installed according to our specifications depending on the architectural issues and constraints. Also, each screen is custom manufactured to fit each opening. As a result, Armor Screen can only be installed by qualified Armor Screen Dealers to ensure your safety. Go to the Contact Page on this web site and fill it out. We will have a qualified Armor Screen professional contact you. Go to top
Will Armor Screen stop wind-driven rain from penetrating my windows and doors?
Yes! Wind-driven rain is one of the biggest problems in a storm. Doors and windows are not designed to withstand the onslaught of water with that much wind pressure. Armor Screen reduces the wind and water by 95%.

We even have a report after Hurricane Ivan of Armor Screen successfully protecting a condominium from 6 hours of “green water” waves crashing onto an Armor Screen protected porch. Go to top
How difficult is it to deploy and how long does it take?
All Armor Screen systems are easy to deploy. The screens are light weight and the mounting systems typically require no special tools or devices. Because we offer such a wide array of mounting systems it's impossible to estimate how long your system will take to deploy.

Some systems are pulled across on a track and attached in a couple of minutes. Others are stored in bags that must be retrieved from storage and attached. But even this type of system can be deployed easily and quickly. Whole office buildings can be protected in a few hours with a small crew. Most homes can be fully protected in less than one hour by one person. Go to top
What anchors are installed into my building
Anchors can be installed in an inconspicuous manner and designed to not detract from the aesthetics of your structure. If desired, anchors can be removable from the skin of your building. Color matched caps can be supplied to cover the threaded insert.

Stainless steel is the heart of our anchoring system. All anchors are corrosion resistant and are protected from electrolysis. Ground anchors in grass are installed below ground level into a plastic receptacle (somewhat like a putting cup) and can be mowed over. Go to top
What kind of maintenance does your system have?
Armor Screen is designed to be maintenance free. The basic system has no moving parts to clean, lubricate, or jam just when you are deploying in a hurry. The fabric is practically impervious to the elements. Traditional rigid systems, of all types, often must be replaced if they are hit with flying debris. Armor Screen just bounces back. Maintenance free savings add to the value of Armor Screen. Go to top