Have you ever wished the river would stop flowing? Have you ever wanted the oil to just sit still?  In the past, that's all it was ... simply a wish. Now, it is no longer a wish.  You CAN stop the river!  We did.  The proof is below. You can do the same with a state-of-the-art water barrier.
We stopped the San Jacinto River where it was 85 feet wide with depths varying from about 1 Ĺ to about 3 Ĺ feet ... all in a matter of minutes. State and local hazmat were in attendance. They were impressed as they walked around on what had been a river.

When the river is stopped, the water backs up and will overflow the top of the barrier. We've added relief holes at the bottom of the barrier. Open as many or as few as you need to keep the water level where you want it. Now the oil is just sitting there, trapped and ready for your crews to remove it.

Notice the foam backed up by the WaterGate barrier giving it no place to go. Now the clean-up is under control and you have full control of the job scene resulting in less time, less effort, and less spreading of the contaminate. The relief holes are individually opened and closed as needed to control the flow of the bottom water through them. The coverings to these holes are held closed by Velcro and open by the force of the water going through.
Each barrier can be customized to the number of relief holes desired, up to 12 openings for a 30 foot wide barrier. Need a wider barrier? They are available in 50 foot widths plus the barriers connect end-to-end for as wide as needed, even different size barriers (different protection heights) can be connected to each other.

These spill control barriers are being used by Hazmat training schools in both Texas and Louisiana because they work, and they work better than any other product they have ever used.

See the demonstration we performed in Texas using the barrier version without the relief holes, After the clean-up is complete, remove the barrier, clean it and hang dry, roll it up and store it, and use again when needed. Itís a tough, abrasive PVC material that can withstand unfriendly terrain and repeated use. But, the contaminates you are working with may not float, and bottom relief holes are not suited to your efforts. The same WA series barrier without the relief holes can be employed with the top water diverter.

This setup will contain the lower water while allowing the excess top water to pass over the top of the barrier. Tubing can be added to the diverter to carry the top water away from the work site. Note the Hazmat video link above and see the diverter briefly employed. With different lengths and multiple protection heights available we can supply you with what you need.

On the left notice another prime example of the water barrier in action. The river has been stopped, the oil is contained, and all is under control. We can help you with your spill containment needs by providing innovative products that are tough, effective, and reusable.

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